Techniques for Improved Chipping

Basically, there are plenty of ways on how to deal with chipping in golf. You just need to pick up the right kind of resources as well as what will work best for you. Here are some quick tips on how to go about some of the common chipping shots on the golf course:

Chipping from the Bunkers:

The very first thing that you have to do when chipping from the bunkers is that you need to have the complete change of mindset. Taking shots from the bunkers is basically the same when taking shots from almost any area in the golf course. And in order to end up having successful chipping shots think of it has having them on the greens.

Most of the golfers were taught or already used to doing the explosion shot in taking golf balls out of the bunkers. However, the strike itself does not hit the ball but rather the sand behind the ball which makes the shot unwise or unnecessary. If the trap’s bank is low and that there is plenty of room between the hole and the trap, it may be best if you take a chip shot variation – the club head in clean contact with the ball, lofting it all the way to the green, and allowing the ball for some roll. Make sure that you grip the golf club’s lower shaft portion and with your eyes glued on the left half of the ball. This will give you an efficient descending blow.

Chipping from the Fringe

In taking chipping shots off the green’s fringe, the stroke is quite similar with that of the putting stroke. The club head must go after a straight line from the peak of the back swing through the ball’s impact and on the summit of the follow-through. Try to imagine that the golf ball is just lying atop a yardstick which is pointing on the hole’s direction and that you have to make sure that during all the stages of the chip shot, the club’s head must stay directly on top of the yardstick. And in order to properly facilitate the club head’s movement, make sure that your left foot is approximately at a 45-degree angle with the pin. The common mistake here is taking the square stance where both of the feet are already perpendicular to the target. This stance will make the club head deviate from the straight line and will result to an inaccurate shot.


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