Basic Drills to Improve Your Wrist and Hand Coordination

A good golf swing increases the chances of every golfer to get winning shots on the greens. That is why it is very important to have an appropriate golf drill that will enhance your wrist and hand coordination in order for you to execute better when playing. Among the many other things that you must take into consideration when playing golf is the basic knowledge on how your hands, wrists, and shoulders will work during the execution of swings. And since the golf swing is basically built around the proper wrist action, it may be best that you get started with the wrist and hand coordination.

Here are some suggested golf drills on how to go about the basic golf drills that will teach you how to properly employ the correct wrist position.

First, look for a strong object like a chair, table, or the couch that you can hold onto. If you are already in the golf course, you can also use the golf cart that is roughly the height of your waist.

Then, stand on the side of the object. See to it that that the outer part of your leg that is beside the object is about 3 inches away from the object.

After that, try to have the correct posture while holding a seven iron. Tilt your waist and slightly unlock your knees. When you are already gripping the club, see to it that your hands are a couple of inches at the rear edge of the chair, table, couch, or cart and your hands are aligned with the belt buckle.

In order to demonstrate the drill, gradually raise the club head all the way towards your nose while your shoulders and arms are virtually stationary. Make sure that the club’s toe end is pointed away from you. Lift and lower the golf club as desired until you can get the proper wrist cock.

For the right handed golfers, the forearms must rotate to the right as you draw back the club while the wrists cock up. The clubface as well as your left hand’s back must point away from the body and the arms must maintain a distance from your body. For the left handed golfers, the clubface and your right hand’s back must point away from your body and the club’s toe end must point upwards.

There are still plenty of golf drills that you can follow from various sources. The ones mentioned above are just among the plethora of drills that work for the wrist and hand coordination. Whatever it is that you are using right now, the key is to do it regularly before each game in order to get used to it.


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