How to Fix a Golf Slice Problem

The golf slice is among the many issues in golf that a golfer must deal with appropriately. And in order to accomplish much in your golf rounds, you must learn how to handle a golf slice problem. Here are some common guidelines on how to go through the difficulty of a golf slice:

First, check the golf ball placement. If you are trying to hit the golf ball that is way out, chances are, the golf club will only be able to hit the ball when it moves up. So in order to avoid having a ball that is spinning into a slice, see to it that its placement is just a bit forward.

Second, make sure that you are already familiar with the golf grip fundamentals. An appropriate golf grip is about the fingers holding most of the club and not the palm of your hands. As much as possible, the grip must be firm and elastic in order to achieve a smooth release.

Third, always ensure that your lead shoulder is moving downwards as you swing the golf club. If it’s not the case then expect a golf slice.

Fourth, always visualize a straight hit. This pointer will contribute to your focus in making an appropriate golf shot.

Fifth, never strike a ball too hard as this will result in hitting the ball at the wrong angle. Learn to hit the golf ball with accuracy by doing short shot practice drills.

Sixth, never hinder a follow through. Just let the golf club swing back completely as not to hinder a powerful golf drive.

And lastly, take time to practice. Have the regular drills that will help you reduce slicing in your golf game.


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