How to Beat the Bunkers in Golf

Among the many things that every golfer would want to steer clear of are the ghastly bunkers that dot most of the challenging courses. It is not that these bunkers are unruly; they just make some golfers feel bad because they consider them as a mark of defeat. However, just like the holes, fairways, and greens, these bunkers complete a stimulating golf course. If you want to complete a successful golf round, you must in one way or another, deal with the perils of the layout’s bunkers.

Here are some bunker beaters that you can consider while on play:

First, a positive approach in dealing with bunkers can be a lot of help. If you would consider that a bunker can be your worst enemy on the course, you would fear them eventually and the thought will surely get you nowhere. Instead, think of the bunkers not as your worst enemies on the greens but as a means of further enhancing your golfing skills.

Second, try to have the appropriate stance and footing while on play. Golfers have this wrong notion of simply allowing their legs and feet to fiddle with the sand. In order to make the sand bunker work for you, establish your footing.

Third, get relaxed. If you can feel at ease on the tees, then there is no excuse that you will not feel the same way when you’re in the bunkers. Once you are trapped in the bunkers, just imagine that you are on your way in making a winning shot.

And lastly, practice your motion. When making swings, learn and remember them. Although the bunker shots can be very tricky, you will get by after a series of practice.

If you want to become a successful golfer in the long run, always bear in mind that the bunker is your ally and you can work with them through your advantage.


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