Practice Makes the Perfect Golf Game

Practice makes perfect. This statement can be an absolute truth in the game of golf. The world’s greatest golfers were not products of an overnight golf scheme. They invested time, effort, and finances to further enhance their skills through practice routines. Even if you have hundreds of golf books or instructional videos, you will never succeed in golf if you don’t practice. Getting prepared for the competition is the key to making it on top.

Here are some guidelines on how to go about your golf practices:

First, try to get loose. Take some time to stretch before anything else. After the stretching routine, take a weighted club and start with the slow swings. If preferred, you can also have the weighted doughnut slid over the shaft to add up to the weight of the golf club.

After the loosening workout, try to hit a few drivers. For some they take the short irons first while others prefer hitting the driver first. But try not to get focused on the kind of driver that you are using. As much as possible hit about five to ten shots in order to get used to big and wide swings.

When you already have the wide arcs feel during your swings, it is now time to grab your short irons and start swinging them. You can choose the kind of golf club that you are already comfortable with. This will boost your confidence when hitting the greens. Then, have the long irons when your approach shots are already down.

And finally, have a good short game. Grab those drivers and get to work. Hit the ball off the tee and focus on your direction. After hitting the ball farther, you can also add up the putting exercises. Having 60 putts is definitely not a bad idea and it will surely not eat up most of your time.

Once you are already used to practicing, you will later find out that this is the only effective means in getting lower scores in golf.


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