Making Your Pitch Shot Work

Pitch shots are usually the kind of shots that most of the amateur golfers fear about while the professionals do whatever it takes to steer clear of them. First let me discuss to you what a golf pitch shot is all about. This kind of shot is generally hitting the ball and sending it into the air prior to its landing on the green. The thing here is that a golfer must be able to hit the golf ball at a high point and let it settle softly on the green with a quick stop. Now what makes this kind of shot quite difficult is that pitch shots lack the subtlety of a strong drive and that getting the right distance of the shot is not easy.

Here are some guidelines on how to end up with successful pitch shots:

  • In taking the pitch shot, make sure that your muscles are relaxed. Bodily tensions will create shots that will lead the ball far from the desired landing area.
  • Make sure that you are able to control the distance. Use the basics of golf swings. For the long pitches, use the longer back swing and for the short pitches, use the shorter shots.
  • Have the your regular and comfortable grip in handling the club. See to it that your hands are marginally ahead that of the ball at address.
  • Maintain a narrow stance. The ball must be located slightly back beyond the core of your stance.
  • When pitching, the follow-through must have the same length with your back swing and see to it that the lower portion of your body is stable throughout the swing.
  • In order to make the ball spin more and bring it to a complete stop quickly, accelerate through the ball.
  • Practice as often as possible. If there is a need to experiment as how to get the desired distance, do so.

There are still plenty of techniques on how to get successful pitch shots. The key here is to be able to familiarize your swings and get comfortable with it.


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