Quick Tips for the Left Handed Golfers

It is every golfer’s aim to make long and straight shots whether they are right-handed or left-handed. However, focusing too much on distance often leaves accuracy the less regarded factor. Not known to some of the golfers is the idea that it is pointless to drive the ball further without hitting the right direction. However, accuracy is affected by the way the golfer handles the club and the way they swing them. And the right-handed golfer’s swing is somehow different from the left-handed golfer’s swing.

Since most of the golf instructions from various sources motivate the greater population of right-hand golfers, left-handed golfers often find the game of golf difficult to pursue. However, instructions do not differ that much. It is just basically the mirror image of everything.

Here are some quick tips that a left-handed golfer can consider:

  • Choose the right kind of equipment that is suited for a left-handed golfer since it is considered as an integral part of golf.
  • Have the comfortable club grip. Bear in mind that it must not be too tight or too loose.
  • Have the appropriate stance. Make sure that your foot is slightly angled towards the outside in order to give plenty of room for your hip rotation. Remember, the chief source of power is the hips. The energy that you will need to have the long shots.
  • The next thing that you must look into is your posture. Your knees must flex when addressing the ball. In doing such, there will be a smooth weight shift from left to right as you hit the ball.
  • When the club head is already near the ball, try to release with the left hand. After contact, your left hand must flick forward. In order to perfect this instruction, you must persevere in practicing.

All of these things are merely basic instructions. If you want to perfect you golfing, it may be best that you look for a left-handed coach or train with the left-handed golfers. Just like any other instructions, practice makes perfect.


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