The Secrets to Increased Club Head Speed

Usually, an amateur golfer has an average club head speed of 80 mph compared to the professionals that can reach up to 150 mph. Of course, the professionals compete for money and fame so they need the extra distance. But as a budding golfer, you might as well want to consider making a career in golf.

Speed may be intensified by several factors. But the thing is, the faster the club head is moved, the greater chances of achieving further golf ball distance. Here are some secrets revealed for you to add up more yards through enhanced club head speed:

The very first thing that you must consider is a proper hip posture before hitting the golf ball. Check your body mechanics. Make sure that you have the correct spine bend, light knee bend, and sound hip flex or sit. This stance will allow you to go through a sense of vigor powerful enough to permeate a successful swing. The secret, do not bend from the waist but rather from the hips.

During the takeaway, your hips must be set at a certain distance from the golf ball. This of course will depend on your stature. It must allow the legs, thighs, as well as the flexors in the hips to move the club at a maximum speed. Another secret, during the hip rotation, avoid bending forward. The left foot and thigh must be maintained on the inside and must slightly flex towards the right knee.

And during the impact, maintain the hip flex. Avoid the reverse flex where you hips flex towards the golf ball. Always remember that the loss of the hip flex during the game can be detrimental to your game.

Once you have already established the appropriate and powerful hip mechanics, an increased club head speed is at hand. You will be on your way in polishing a golfing career.


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