Effective Chip Shot Techniques

A shot that is aimed to roll further more than it stays on the air is what the “chip shot” or “chip and run” is all about. Usually, an ideal 100% chip shot must have the 30 to 70 ratio wherein the greater portion is allocated for the golf ball rolling towards the target point. If it is the other way around, the shot is already considered as a lob shot which will be tackled as a different subject.

Chip shots are taken anywhere in the layout just off the greens to as far as 30 yards. The main goal of doing such is to punch the ball towards the green and allow the ball to roll all the way to the flagstick. Other golfers take this kind of shots off the fairway, fringe, and even away from the rough. The skilled golfers would often consider chip shots as ordinary shots that are quite simple to execute. Taking this kind of shots according to them is just like securing any other kind of shots that a round would require.

Here are some techniques that will guide you in taking effective chip shots:

  • Consider a comfortable stance. Hips and shoulders must be must be in line with the target point and the ball position must at least be a little closer with your back leg or foot.
  • Before taking the swing, make sure that everything is in line up including the clubface.
  • During the swing, try to keep your wrist as stiff as possible for the backswing. Never take a full swing for chip shots and instead make it low and flat with not much of the wrist hinge.

These are just some of the many chip shot techniques that you use during warm ups, to get acquainted with it, and in any golf games that you will be competing in. Once you are already familiar with these kinds of shots, you will be on your way to a successful golfing career.


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