How To Avoid Injuries When Hitting the Greens

How to Avoid Injuries When Hitting the Greens

At present, the world holds about 55 million golfers with various handicap levels. The increasing number of golf enthusiasts has also contributed to the increase in golf related injuries while on play. That is why it is very important to consider some precautions before heading your way to the greens. In order to make the most out of your day at the layouts, you might as well consider these tips.

First, start your day with an appropriate warm up an hour before the game. This will help you get in shape for the long hours of play. Do some exercises in order to increase the blood flow all the way to the muscles. It has been said that warm muscles are less likely to get injured. Always include stretching in your daily routine in order achieve your peak performance. And when doing the swings, take the opposite way. When you are left-handed swing right. This will allow your body to maintain its balance.

Second, increase your water intake. Once you are dehydrated, loss of flexibility and fatigue will get into your way. If you are preparing for a game, do not drink alcohol beforehand nor smoke as these will promote water loss.

Third, purchase the right set of equipments. Unlike basketball or football, golfers are required to have their own set of clubs. Make sure that when purchasing these things, the club measurement fits your height as well as with your swinging ability. Clubs that are too long or too short, too heavy or too light can cause injuries when already in play.

Fourth, have your spine angle maintained when you swing. If you arch your low back, curve your mid back, or sway your spine too much, chances are you will be increasing the tension on your back as well as increasing the possibility of getting injured. As much as possible try to maintain the angle of your spine when making swings in order to steer clear of the painful back problems. Take proper lessons for swinging if necessary.

Fifth, make it a habit to take a drop in order to avoid serious wrist or hand injuries. One bad swing into a rock or root can already cause future physical disabilities if not properly dealt with. In order to stay away from the possibility of getting hurt, better follow this simple pointer.

And lastly, seek for professional chiropractic care. This will decrease your chances of getting injured while improving your performance. Even the professional golfers do this.

If you have just started learning the said sport, make sure to consider these helpful tips. It will not cost you that much. But the benefits that go along with it will be your acquired assets in making a career in golf and making it on top of the ladder.


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