Mississippi Golf

Mississippi is a Southern U.S. state bordered by Tennessee on its north, Alabama on its east, Louisiana on its south, and the Gulf of Mexico on its west. Aside from the state’s major lakes and rivers, Mississippi is entirely composed of lowlands that offer the natural and unspoiled outdoor destinations and ultimate adventures for the entire family. From the tranquil pastimes like bird watching and horseback riding to hunting, fishing, and other extreme sports, Mississippi offers the once in a lifetime great outdoor experiences. Savvy golfers from across the globe also flock the city to try on the challenging greens that comes with the year-round golf weather as well as the state’s natural beauty. Guests can also avail on the array of golf vacation packages to access the award-winning courses throughout the state.


Mississippi GolfConsidered as Mississippi’s 3rd largest city, Biloxi is home to a number of casino resort hotels, museums, entertainment shows, and many other family-oriented destinations. Local and foreign guests can experience the city’s best when strolling down the oak-lined streets or perusing the array of small shops and the unique art galleries. Before heading to the casinos, one can opt for a quick catch of sun rays on the city’s pristine white beaches or hop aboard the shrimp boat tour. For the thrill and adventure seekers, Biloxi also offers the best Mardi Grass experience. And for the golfers at heart, the city has its own share of the world’s best golf courses designed by internationally acclaimed professionals who shares an intimate passion for golf.


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