Michigan Golf

Before it became popular for its automotive industry, the state of Michigan served as the dwelling place for the Native Americans. From the 17th to 19 century, Michigan has become home to many wars and cultures such as the French and the British. As the years went by, it has been considered as one of the most populous states in the US and made history in terms of transportation. What makes Michigan an interesting place to visit are the vast lands that serve as the haven for many attractions as well as the best grounds for hunting wolves and moose, thus it has been dubbed as the ‘Wolverine State’.  About half of Michigan is covered with remote forests and is surrounded by the five Great Lakes.

With Michigan’s lush and remote forests, a typical past time and weekend getaway for some tourists and Michiganders is playing golf. Golf vacation packages are available to those golf enthusiasts who are ready to take on the scenic view of Michigan itself.


Surrounded by tall trees and a clear blue sky, it is without a doubt Michigan Golfthat Gaylord is one place that can bring one the peace of mind and complete relaxation. The beautiful landscapes of this place make it one of the best spots for camping trips. Apart from camping, fishing and hunting are popular past times for its settlers and tourists as well. During the summer, along with the area’s breezy temperature, vacationers and residents allow themselves to have quality time with their family in the many golf resorts Gaylord has. People have come and gone, thankful for the golf vacation packages that Gaylord’s resorts have offered.

There are many other things to enjoy about Gaylord and these include festivals like the Alpenfest. Gaylord is indeed one of the best places to kick back and unwind. People will indeed have the best time of their lives with Gaylord’s breathtaking views, clear waters and hospitable resorts.


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