Canada Golf

Canada, a country that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the west, Atlantic Ocean to the east, and northward to the Arctic Ocean, is considered as North America’s second largest country as well as the wealthiest. Vast distances with rich natural beauty are among the many other things that suits Canada’s ambiance. What was once inhabited by the Aboriginal people has now turned into a major tourist destination renowned for its vast and untouched landscape together the country’s unique culture and history. Home to an array of seasoned festivities, Canada also boasts of its amazing golf courses that feature championship holes. Golfers from the different parts of the globe flock the city to experience the best challenges that only the finest greens in Canada can offer. Guests can also avail of the various affordable golf vacation packages that will pave way for the best relaxing vacation experience that is beyond compare.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a maritime province that has been considered as Canada’s smallest nation in terms of land area and population. This small island has also been referred to as the “Garden of the Gulf” due to its lush agricultural lands and pastoral sceneries. “The Island”, as what the local dwellers name it, boasts of its pristine sandy beaches and dunes. That is why the local and foreign guests feast on beach, seafood, music, as well as the House of Anne of Green Gables. The island guests who want to give their swinging skills a try can take advantage of the array of renowned golf courses that the island offers.