River Oaks

Secluded in the depths of 800-acre natural reserve along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, the River Oaks resort secretly blossoms in the heart of the hardwood forest. As golfers come to visit this paradise, they can’t help but notice how accessible the downtown is from their location. The quite ambiance and traditional theme of this golf vacation destination makes golfers think that they got away from all the stress they encounter from their day to day lives at the moment. However, best attractions are just five minutes away from this so-called paradise including the Broadway, the downtown, and the Myrtle Beach Airport.

The River Oaks resort harbors three courses namely the Bear, Otter, and Fox, which are based from native animals that can be found in the area. A clubhouse sits in the heart of the Otter course wherein hungry players get their fulfilling rounds of savory meals. This golf vacation resort offers elegant privileges for those visitors who availed on their memberships. Members enjoy 20% off discount in the pro shop as well as 20% discount in the snack bar. Members can also book tee times 7 days in advance and within 24 hours for other courses while League Tee Times are booked at least a year ahead.

Lastly, a golf resort is not perfect without their competitive golf vacation packages offered to visitors. These packages greatly help guests in saving their money while still enjoying the round of their life. The River Oaks resort help every golfer fulfill their dreams by rendering high quality services at the most cost-effective prices.


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