The Palms Golf Club

Being the first golf vacation destination ever built in Mesquite, The Palms Golf Club live up to its reputation by maintaining a highly competitive championship course which can challenge even the finest of all players. This resort ignites the fuse that created a golf resort explosion all over the area. Being the pioneer club, the Palms resort sets the standards of Mesquite’s golf courses by providing top notch quality of service. Staffs are well-trained and skilled in order to best serve their valued clients. Created within a desert landscape, this golf course harbors sagebrush and tumbleweeds aside from the island of Palm trees and daunting water hazards. Lush green fairways, roughs, and bunkers also add to the challenge.

The Palms Golf Club has two contrasting nines namely: the front nine and the back nine. These nines offer different set of challenges for players. The front nine includes wide and fairly flat fairways as well as small lakes in order to render a precision challenge. The back nine on the other hand has elevation changes, incredible vistas, and unforgiving canyons. This course has a memorable 15th hole with a par 5, 507 yards, and presents a 114 feet drop to the fairways making any golf trip satisfying and fulfilling. The resort is currently manicuring their course for continuous improvement and long term plans.

The resort offers affordable golf vacation package deals which include group events, rates, and deals. Group arrangements can be made for 12 players or more, depending on the actual size of the group. Packages for this include practice facility use, tournament coordinator, player valet service, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, rental clubs, golf clinic, and many more. Hence, The Palms Golf Club is still the best destination in Mesquite; always will be, and always has been.


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