Lexington Oaks Golf Club

Golf is not exactly a race to the finish type of sport, but the Lexington Oaks Golf Club gives a round here a race track atmosphere. And why not, this golf vacation destination is a true blue Florida golf course but with a good helping of Kentucky horse country. It has all the signature Florida golf course features of bunkers and water play, but accentuated by white stable fences and a race track theme, thereby making golf games hereabouts extra interesting, and extra beautiful.

The Lexington Oaks Golf Club is located in Wesley Chapel, Fl., 20 minutes from downtown Tampa. It was opened in January of 2000, with Gordon Lewis as the designer. Apart from the Kentucky accents, the golf course is still 200% Floridan. The holes wind around dramatic elevations, through marshes, lakes and natural wetlands. Water plays on almost all but one of the 18 holes, making the course extra demanding on accuracy and club choice. And, needless to say, a golf course in the Sunshine State will never be complete without sand. On this particular course, 70 white sand bunkers make their appearance known and REMEMBERED. On top of an interesting layout and aesthetic qualities, an excellent golf trip facility as it is, the amenities are naturally excellent.

From the aqua driving range to the large putting and chipping greens, all the way to the elegant clubhouse and full-stocked pro shop, everything a golfer would need and want in a golf vacation is here. The Lexington Oaks Golf Club is, undoubtedly, on the front lines in the race to becoming Florida’s best and most favorite golf course.


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