Andersons Creek Golf Club

Numerous golf vacation destinations are being featured all over the Internet to help golfers plan their trips ahead of time. In Canada, Prince Edward Island is known among local golfers for its famous golf courses including the Andersons Creek Golf Club. What makes this golf club interesting is that it is being laid out over undulating lands which include water hazards. Andersons Creek, as its name entails, covers a distinct feature which is the creek itself. Golfers have to cross this creek 4 times in order to finish their round. Furthermore, Andersons Creek has a split of holes including 10 Par Fours, 4 Par Fives, and 4 Par Threes. Strategically placed bunkers are also present to make the game more interesting than ever.

The Andersons Creek Golf Club is designed by architect Graham Cooke who have won over 50 amateur golf tournaments. He is an inspired designer who puts his love and experience into application and designed most of Canada’s golf courses. Aside from a famous architect, Andersons Creek also provide a well-stocked pro shop to make any golf trip fulfilling. The shop offer various player packages ranging from hats, shirts, towels, gloves, and golf balls. Jackets and pants are also available in wet weather package to help golfers enjoy the game even if it’s rain or shine. In addition, trained CPGA professionals are ready to help and assist players during their golf sessions.

Lastly, a golf vacation is never complete without availing at least one of the amazing golf packages that Anderson Creek offers. These packages include but are not limited to Cavendish Beach Music Festival Golf Package, 2 Rounds 1 Night Package, Stay & Play Package, and The Sun Ice Jacket Package. Furthermore, the Andersons Creek Golf Club renders 2-Course Specials starting from $100. Golfers who wanted to stay for several days or weeks can also avail for accommodation packages.


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