TwinEagles Club – The Eagle

Unquestionably the premier golf community in Naples, especially for those who can identify a real golf vacation, defines TwinEagles Club – The Eagle. For one, the TwinEagles’ boasting as the foremost residential community in Florda has its basis because it is designed by the legends, Jack Nicklaus and his son, Jack Nicklaus II. Second, the Eagle course, home of the world’s best player, is created by Steve Smyers, the same guy who created the famous course like Isleworth in Windermere, Florida. His associate, Patrick Andrews, is also a budding genius. Given the convergence of great minds in this course only spells its fame as a great golf experience incomparable by any in the entire Naples community.

This golf vacation destination may be a dream come true for those who desire to play in a course made by the greatest names of golf architecture history, but the prestige this course gets is also far from just ‘name drop’. The undulating greens and fantastic clubhouse bring guests back into the interesting lineage of St. Andrews where the game of golf was conceived. Living in the residential area of TwinEagles Club – The Eagle would mean paying respect to the homage and tradition of a golf game that transcends beyond lifetimes.

The developers of TwinEagles Club – The Eagle will not stop at creating an unparalleled golf trip location, of course. Furtive plans are in the air hissing an addition of a resort style swimming pool and an innovative fitness center to complement the amazing 47,000 square foot Clubhouse. Purchasing a home at TwinEagles would also mean automatic Gold Club Membership. And because of the limited number of homes, the residence’ vicinity is indeed secure and privy, making a golf experience calm and peaceful, perfect for a tactic session.


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