La Costa Golf – South Course

Before its renovation, La Costa Golf – South Course used to have a view that is uniform to all other courses. But after the $10 million refurbishment, this course lead the ranks of most golf vacations in the world. Major improvements come particularly on the hole numbers 1, 9, 10 and 18, with much of the designed imparted by the historic golf architect, Dick Wilson. Consistently receiving prestigious awards since its take off, this course was ranked in the top 100 courses in the U.S. by Golf Magazine and it also became the home for the 2012 LPGA Kia Classic.

La Costa Golf – South Course layout is not significantly altered from its well-celebrated classic layout. Slight modifications about, as well as considerable changes are only evident in the fairway contours and the drainage system. A more innovative system for the drain has been installed to provide sustainability and better the water flow and irrigation throughout the golf vacation destination. More than 30 acres of turf were taken away to help assist in the water conservation effort of the course, and holding La Costa’s reputation as San Diego’s first Green Seal Certified hotel.

The La Costa Golf – South Course is known to be the more challenging and skill demanding course between it and its twin course, the North Course. Even if this golf trip spot may seem easy superficially, the five holes would dismiss the “simple and easy” tag away. For some reason, they seem to backbreaking even to players who have gone to this location for years. In fact, PGA Tour nicknamed the final 5 holes as “longest mile” because of the experience a golfer gets. Despite that, there is a room to take comfort at the 9 holes. On the 12 and 18 hole is also a confining creek that breathes through the course, much as the players does after a long arduous game.


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