Naples Grande Golf Club

What makes an unforgettable golf vacation? There is hardly any golfer anywhere who would disagree to an answer a basic as this: beautiful scenery, challenging layout, and excellent amenities and services. Unfortunately, finding one course that has these in just the right amounts is not all that easy. This combination is rarely perfected even in top golf destinations like Florida. But that is not saying there is none at all. Courses the likes of Naples Grande Golf Club are a most fitting example.

The natural splendor of Naples took care of the scenery. Native pine hammocks, oaks, cypresses, and natural waterways grace the area both as visual accents and as hazards to the game. Meanwhile, renowned course designer Rees Jones Jr supplied the requisite for a challenging layout. It measures 7,210 yards from the longest tees, par 72. And a superb designer he is, he put to use everything that nature offered him and made it part of the course. The result is a golf trip haven that is an explosive combination of tight and wide fairways, sand bunkers, mounds on greens, and native vegetation. And as for the amenities and services? Being a part of the Hilton Hotels group covers that for Naples Grande Golf Club.

The course is made exclusive for the guests of Edgewater Beach Hotel and the Naples Grand Beach Resort. Thus, apart from the usual golf vacation destination implements, the Naples Grande Golf Club serves up a more exciting golf experience. And with an offer as good as that, there is hardly any golfer who could (or would) resist it, nor forget it.


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