Steele Canyon Golf Club

There is a classic golf vacation course in San Diego, California known as the Steele Canyon Golf Club. Considered a work of art of the legendary golf architect, Gary Player, this course is constructed from the natural arrangement of the terrain with the designs simply enhancing the orientation. Respect is the primary driving force while making this 27-hole championship course, since most of the indigenous beauty were retained while adding a few installments to make the course as inviting, challenging and demanding of a player’s skill.

The three nines in this golf vacation destination comprise of different environment with distinguishing atmosphere triggered by the unique establishments of every location. The rugged presentation of Canyon Course puts a player into the dramatic endeavor of pulling off a shot outmatching the highly challenging and breathtaking elevations. In the Ranch Course, on the other hand, players are offered a little breathing room as the strong cold wind touches the field caused by the fauna. The Meadow Course that stretches along the valley exhibits the magnificent view of woodlands and streams that tickles a sense of mystery and even magic to those contemplative guests. And to complete the entire museum of beauty in Steele Canyon Golf Club is the clubhouse that showcases a bar and a restaurant both indoor and outdoor. Twenty station driving ranges and a practice facility is also available.

The architecture, scenery and amenities display reasons why Steele Canyon Golf Club has received several accolades. This golf trip became the recipient of Golf Digest’s prestigious “4 ½ Star Award” and “Best Places to Play”. It is also one of only three golf clubs honored in San Diego County.


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