Oak Creek Golf Club

Like giving a clay artist a mountain to work on, Tom Fazio sculpted Oak Creek Golf Club meticulously and satisfyingly. The vast landscape provides a large space to work on and experiment on contemporary designs. And just as expected, Fazio turned the acreage into the most sought after golf vacation spot in the region.

As one of the most admired golf architecture geniuses in the world, Fazio has received extensive accolades including the “Best Modern Day Golf Course Architect” in Golf Digest magazine. This latest golf trip course in Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, California tops his many accolades with rewards of its own. Oak Creek Golf Club was named Best New Resort, Best Overall Resort, Best Daily Fee Course, and Best Private Course over the years by prestigious publications such as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf World and Golf Week. Nevertheless, the awards only speak as official declaration of fame for this top notched golf course. The real acclamation lurks silently on the course which is the volume that speaks for a number of ways why this place has never failed to capture the taste of golfers around the world. Every year, more guests come in while the advocates continue with their habitual tee times.

Going down on the details of the landscape would lead guests into the secret of Oak Creek Golf Club‘s reputation. The truth evident here is that Tom Fazio’s architectural prowess arrived as a form of respect for the natural beauty that was already present in the area. Doing only a few to alter the presentation, and adding a little extra simply to accentuate the scenery was what Fazio did. The creek, of which the golf vacation destination was named, serves as the centrepiece of the place. Other lakes also enhance the luscious greens, narrow fairways and bull-nosed bunkers on the excellent area of 6,834-yard, playing for par 71. This place is undoubtedly brilliant!


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