Le Maitre de Mont-Tremblant

Other golf vacation destinations acquire a ride on the fame of its neighbouring land mark like famous casinos or exemplary residential areas. Such is not the case for Le Maitre de Mont-Tremblant, though, for this course can stand alone with its picturesque landscape bordered by Riviere du Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. The reputation of its designer, Fred Couples – having won 14 PGA Tours and the 1992 Masters – only served as a supplementary to lift the recognition of this already well-acclaimed golf course in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.

Opened in May 31, 2011, this golf vacation location plays for par 72 and tumbles over 260 acres of a beautiful riverfront where elevation changes and divine scenic vistas complements with the sight of the impenetrable looking forests and ecclesiastic waterways. With inputs from Gene Bates, Couple’s associate at Couple Bates Golf Design, the Le Maitre de Mont-Tremblant came into play as a layout showing a design that presents a unique style only for Cooke-Huxham International Golf Course Architects in Montreal.

Aside from the layout and the glorious landscape, Le Maitre de Mont-Tremblant also prides for state-of-the-art features, including a practice facility with target greens, and a cubhouse standing 13,000 square foot. More golf vacation packages come in as external tennis courts and a swimming pool open for those guest who just wants to relax while their friends dive in for a game of golf. During summers, guests can also take advantage of the amazing gazebo that allows sight for sorcerous waterfall nearby. For regular days, the amazing wine cellar and first-class restaurant offer a quick and enjoyable snack party, after a thrilling play at the course.


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