Cabo Real Golf Club

Considered the toughest front nine in Los Cabos, the Cabo Real Golf Club is home of two Senior Slams and designed by famous golf vacation destination architect, Robert Trent Jones. The 6,988 yards show a high-quality course configured to provide an ocean view from each hole. The layout subtly blends with the environment, forming harmonious patterns made of desert hues, mountain and the ocean. Incorporating indigenous vistas with contemporary theories, Jones seem to have discovered many more brilliance in this course, than create it.

The expectation of any golfer for a risk and reward manifests in Cabo Real Golf Club, as players are inclined to head up the mountains during its initial six holes. That allows them to assess golf skills on this golf vacation course that offers difficulty and forces accuracy. First and third holes play for a par 5 that requires solid strikes to reach the green, or else the failed attempt will lead to penalty. The fifth hole, which is a long par 4, tickles professionals to view the left-hand side of the fairway, but necessitates a clean tee shot to the right over a ravine, in order to fulfil the shot without trouble.

Now, leading to the famous nine that plays for par 4 means tracing the reputable length of an extensive 51 by 125 yards where home of regional marine birdlife, the lake, protects the green. The magnificence of the view and the demands of the golf trip layout explains why it calls for the outstanding tournaments held here. In fact, the Senior Slam golf tournament placed Cabo Real Golf Club on the map in 1996. Since then, the course has never failed to gain more guest in and popularity, as a whole.


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