Traditions at Kiskiack

A golf in Traditions at Kiskiack means dealing with two displays of choices. Either guests can relish the spectacular panorama, or jump right into the challenge of this one of a kind golf vacation destination. Once occupied by the Chickiack, a group of Virginia Algonquian Indians, under the rule of the Great Chief Powhatan, this course is positioned along natural elevation where players find the magnificent layout. Some may become inclined to choose between sight or play, of course, but what’s the use of deciding, when they can actually savour the two, all at once.

The award-winning architect, John LaFoy intended to manipulate the direction of this golf vacation course in a way that would demand accuracy and proficiency from a player. Other holes may be tolerant to simple attempts, but most are made to pull players up and motivate them into putting the best of their drive to the test. Golf Digest’s became its advocate as it awarded Traditions at Kiskiack with four stars on its “Places to Play”.

Talk about challenge, there are two lakes to overcome all throughout the round in Traditions at Kiskiack. At the front nine, golfers can relax and feel the wind rushing through mature hardwoods over the earthly rolling hills. Players can gather momentum here because they will need the energy once they reach the back nine, where the signature 11th hole, playing for par-3, would require utmost accuracy. Golfers need to negotiate with the greens encircled by water on all three sides. And that thrill leads on until the 18th hole where a golf trip player needs to finally make a decision whether to gamble or push for a drive. Here, it’s the entire spirit of the game on one unique golf course.


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