The Crossings Golf Club

Natural landscape is one of the main foundations of The Crossings Golf Club, which is designed by the celebrated golf creator, Joe Lee. The layout of this golf vacation course is defined by a combination of rolling fairways with a thick forest bordering the strikingly positioned bunkers. Used to by known as Halfe Sink area, the front nine of this course commences with an elevated tee that gives a sight of the landing spot and many holes to offer.

The 18-hole championship course is located in the interior of American Civil War battlefields in Richmond, Virgina. Considered as a ‘must-play’ golf vacation destination by most of the local communities, The Crossings Golf Club is a simple drive from Washington D. C., which means traveller’s easy access to the I-95. The dramatic history lingering in the place constantly attracts more visitors in especially with the immediate grasp of the past specifically on Civil War, the Confederacy, and the black people of the time. Other nearby landmarks include Bryd Theater and the Colonial Williamsburg.

The spectacular golf trip layout, as well as, the dramatic history exhibited in The Crossings Golf Club are the prime reasons why it continues to become a topographic point for prestigious golf tournaments. Because of that, the course has garnered several recognitions including the U.S. Publinks Championship, Nike Tour qualifying, and the first choice for 100 corporate outings for a year. Any player would remain in awe while playing in this course, and would experience a worthwhile and educational vacation. Joe Lee has definitely hit the success button.


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