Kingsmill Resort – River Course

Just like how environmentalists would check the preservation of a river’s enchantment, in 2004, Pete Dye went back to one of his offspring courses, the Kingsmill Resort – River Course, to oversee some renovation on this ‘King course’ of Williamsburg. To maintain the aesthetic conditions and functionality of this golf vacation destination, Dye incorporated more tees and renovated the fairway bunkering on most of the holes. The effect, a strategically challenging and skilfully demanding layout that puts a player to the steroidal level of a game. The greens now allow for a quicker and slicker putting on the delineated surfaces of the landscape.

Kingsmill Resort – River Course is framed by the relaxing and privy character of the James River, thus the name. This golf vacation course has served as an evaluation location for some of the biggest names in golf. The meticulously manicured greens dew beads sparingly on the holes where a distinct applause can still be heard even from a significant distance. Made to test a golfers individual mettle, this course is a site for players to foresee how they fair up among the best golfers of today.

Dark green colour and fine texture sets the mood of the course with its Penn A 4 bentgrass rolling to tolerate heat and cold challenges, much as the players here are able to. The persistent flowing nature of Kingsmill Resort – River Course defines the best, that is why Golfweek ranked it as the top 10 BEST public courses of Williamsburg in 2010. More to the making of the fame in this golf trip, though, is the fact that it served as a popular PGA Tour site for 22 years, as well as, the LPGA Tour’s Michelob ULTRA Open.


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