Westin La Cantera – Palmer Course

Legendary golf architect, Arnold Palmer, has designed so many prestigious courses in the world. One of them, the Westin La Cantera – Palmer Course, is also the first created public course in South Texas, opened in 2001. As part of the 36 hole Resort at La Cantera, this golf vacation location is a smoothly expanded 225 acres, with 71 holes and 6,926 yards of golfing paradise. In fact, the scenery is ultimately spectacular that some players find it hard to focus on the game. For instance, in the 4th hole, playing for par-3 means being enchanted by the alluring sight of waterfalls along the front edge of the greens. The sight makes players travel into the connecting fairways located by the Winnie Palmer Memorial Bridge, where one can find a heart-warming tribute to Palmer’s late wife.

To compliment the impressiveness of the Westin La Cantera – Palmer Course, there are facilities that are simply awe-inspiring. On the 15,300-square-foot clubhouse, overlooking the 18th green, is a brilliance that stretches to the resort’s Texas Colonial theme. The architectural prowess along with its satisfying services are the main reasons why this golf vacation destination has been acclaimed the Best New Daily Fee Clubhouse in the U.S. by Crittenden Golf Inc. in December 2001. The neighbouring pro shop that displays similar richness was also given its unique recognition as one of America’s 100 Best Golf Shops by Golf World Business Magazine in 2005.

Given the enormousness and spacious landscape, Westin La Cantera – Palmer Course carts are provided with an innovative ParView GPS system that replicate – or serves even better – the good old map. That allows a convenient and awe-inspiring 18 hole golf trip travel around the course where “first-class” as description is an understatement. 


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