Barton Creek Golf Resort – Palmer Lakeside Course

There is golf vacation course that allows a twilight glimpse of those rare white-tail deer, and it is mindfully rested on a privy hilltop overlooking Lake Travis. The course, created in 1986, is the famous Arnold Palmer designed Barton Creek Golf Resort – Palmer Lakeside Course that is just 25 miles west of Barton Creek Resort & Spa. Secluded atop, this course rewards guests not only of those uncommon sight, but also the delightful features and extraordinary experience of championship golf.

The Barton Creek Golf Resort – Palmer Lakeside Course leads players into the best of their proficiency and accuracy. Not only professionals are compelled to play scientifically, on this course, but also novices who are hungry for some authentic golf trip action. Having a driver accompany into a round of golf is a plus and adds ease and convenience to the play. This paradise for big-hitters is rated among the “Top Ten Texas Courses” by professionals. It is also considered to have the best Champions Bermuda greens in the State.

More awards for its mother resort brings Barton Creek Golf Resort – Palmer Lakeside Course into the same recognition as Mobil’s four star rating, the American Automobile Association’s four diamond rating and Meetings and Conventions magazine’s Gold Key, Gold Tee and Gold Platter Awards. Adding to the reasons why this course is highly regarded is its golf vacation package that ranges from high caliber facilities, special customer services, abundance of recreational spots and accompanying activities, and the finest restaurants to feed the ever increasing number of guests in the place. It’s Palmer’s kingdom offered to the rest of the world.


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