Myrtlewood – Pinehills Course

The Myrtlewood – Pinehills Course is known to be a golf trip resort that is challenging without being impossible. Finishing off with a fusion of Bermuda fairways and Pencross bentgrass greens, this course also shows strikingly positioned water and sand hazards that test golfers into the top of their playing level. Since its renovation in the early 1990’s, this course has maintained most of the appealing features, which are its primary selling point. In fact, the attitude of the layout made this destination land on the Top Ten Courses in Myrtle Beach as selected by Golf Digest’s in 1997.

Compared to its fraternal twin, Palmetto, Myrtlewood – Pinehills Course is a more target-oriented course. While this golf vacation destination may ultimately be challenging, the length of its course does not beat up an average player too long, which makes it very playable. There are opportunities for two or three consecutive outstanding shots at any part of a round, for roughly six strokes on the card. That means that manipulating this course remains to be a stimulating experience, especially because the slightest mistake can lead into an unforgivable result. That’s the demands of a relatively easy course.

The 6,112 yard Myrtlewood – Pinehills Course also has doglegs that balance out most of the distance factor, and level the playing field. When the easy gets tough, though, golf vacation packages from the Myrtlewood Golf Club will assure that players get the needed assistance. The pro-shop offers full-service individual instruction, large driving range, and putting and chipping greens. If a time away from a nail-gritting game is what guests need, a contemplating view on the Atlanic Ocean is always an accessible grasp. 


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