Brooksville Country Club

Located at the heart of the Golf Zoo Nature Coast Golf Trail, Brooksville Country Club is a golf course destination unrivaled by other golf courses in Florida. A weave of rolling fairways and a rhythm of oak trees spread on the field with a pattern of striking holes. In the middle of rock walls are ancient limestone mines that add a sense of tradition to the fusion of tumbling terrain and doglegs that never fail to challenge players from all levels. Each hole builds anticipation to the progressing thrill.

In fact, on the 12th hole is an exciting play of par 4 with upper and lower right fairways disjointed by a quarry wall. This is where players display their strategy on throwing a tee shot to the wide lower fairway in order to leave a second shot blind into the green. A birdie opportunity is also ready at the shorter and narrower upper fairway of the golf trip course. The fun-filled attitude that this hole captures is the reason why Golf Digest honored Brooksville Country Club as one of 18 “Most Fun Holes in America”.

Aside from the 12-hole’s honor, the par-4 of the 13th has also defined Brooksville Country Club into fame among players. This hole is where players can maximize their strategy as they have to confront the intimidating quarry hole high up a limestone point where natural vegetation frames the tee box. Since the ball can land distance away, players have to tackle a shot with utter risk. And the thrill is more than worth it especially for golf enthusiasts who want a taste of the essence of hard core golf trips.  


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