Turnberry Isle Miami – Soffer Course

The Turnberry Isle Miami – Soffer Course is part of the two-property community at Turnberry Isle Miami, Florida along with the Miller Course. This golf vacation destination features a spread of tropical greens with elevated grounds as accent. Fairways sculpted finely and sharp shifts within the holes together with a gradient of colorful trees and flowers make this golf course a perfect spot for a vacation. The scenery is blazed with the revitalizing sunshine that is unique only to Florida’s oasis-like climate.

With around $100,000 cost for re-landscaping, this Raymond Floyd-redesigned golf trip destination shows a magnificent waterfall that greets guest golf enthusiasts at the first hole. That display only intrigues most golfers to find out what is in store as the player progresses to the last hole. Compared to its adjacent course, the Turnberry Isle Miami – Soffer Course is more exigent with a size that flexes about 7,000 yards from the championship tees. It is where golfers perform a dramatic golf game where they can maximize their most unique tactical strategies.

Putting more appeal to the golf vacation course is the sanctuary of Auburn birds and other exotic fauna only found in Florida. Flamingos nesting on “Flamingo Island” within easy reach on the resort add charm to the location. But what makes Turnberry Isle Miami – Soffer Course a perfect spot for a golf vacation is the breeze of the warm ocean that sways comfort into a day of thrilling golfing. Truly, this place is a golf location that any golf fanatic looks for.


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