Cimarron Golf Club – Boulder Course

If there is one word that would perfectly describe the Cimmaron Golf Club in Indian Wells, it would have to be ‘pleasant’. From the greens to the water features to the perfect skies, everything is exactly that: PLEASANT. It would not be hard for this golf vacation favorite to paint a smile on any golfer’s face. Even more so, when they play one of the two feature courses here, the Boulder Course, the golf experience here could not get any more pleasant.

Ironically, this is not the usual smooth, finessed type of beauty. On the contrary, the Boulder Course is a toughie, rough and rugged on the edges. It is not a pretentious course and is an honest to goodness desert course with a little bit of surprises here and there. The golf vacation destination also has several features reminiscent of Europe’s greatest courses. Among them are the sod-wall bunkers with white crushed marble bunkers inside. These, along with large mounds and a lot of jagged edges more dot the open complexes and fairways of the course.

Completing the look are the well-maintained greens. Actually, “well-maintained” is pretty much an underestimation. In fact, it does the Boulder Course no justice at all. The greens of this course are hailed the best in the entire Coachella Valley, an emerald spectacle stunningly a perfect contrast to the golden mountains of San Jacinto enveloping the course. That and the perfect blue skies that never fail to show up on this side of California. The course measures 6,782 yards from the longest tees, par 72, with three other sets of tees to play from. But the fun from golf trips here are just immeasurable. There is always someone feeling pleasant here, and that is a perfectly accurate assumption.


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