The Senator Course at Shula’s Resort

Something so good could never get old. It ages, but will never be too old to be fun. That is the best way to describe and pay respect to one of Miami’s most beloved courses, the Senator Course at Shula’s Resort. The 1963 classic layout may have seen the best and worst of times, and may have gone through tweaking here and there but the glory and beauty that it has beheld all these years have remained. And yes, for almost half a century now, this course has remained on the Miami list of the most beautiful, most favorite golf vacation destinations.

The Senator Course features quite a variety of terrains and surfaces that makes games here very exciting. This also gives the feel of a long game despite the fact that the course is only a little more than 6,900 yards from the back tees. What begins as a rather open layout finishes off with tighter, tree-lined fairways on the 11th onwards. There is a reason to think that the first ten holes are a beginner’s preparation for the tougher test ahead. The holes start easy until they get guarded a little heavily, both with sand and water as well as trees. These natural elements make for the biggest and most beautiful features of the golf vacation favorite.

And there is nothing surprising about that. This course was made to blend well with its environment, and be a safe haven for native wildlife as much as a paradise for golfers. The Senator Course and the people running it look after not only their beloved patrons but to Mother Nature as well. Perhaps it is for that reason that this golf trip favorite ages gracefully. It lets nature takes its course, and it goes well along with it.


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