The Biltmore Golf Course

The Biltmore Golf Course is a true classic. It is a very fine Miami wine, a golf vacation destination that has aged gracefully and has not grown outdated. Generations after generations and champions after champions and never once falling short of amazing even in the face of new golf courses.

Sitting on the wide acreage surrounding the legendary Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel, the Biltmore Golf Course has been in the Miami golfing scene since the mid-1920’s. It was an original Donald Ross creation that has seen the best and worst of times. Over time, it has been fully restored to its classic perfection. As with most every Florida course, there is a lot of water on this layout, with significant but not overwhelming mounding to give just the right amount of challenge and grit. The result is and has always been a very entertaining and highly pleasurable course, perfect for golf vacations of stellar proportions.

And stellar they are. The Biltmore Golf Course has long since been the host of many of the biggest celebrities from different fields. From movie stars to dignitaries to athletes of different sports, this golf course has been able to attract them all with its undeniable charm and even more obvious excellence. The entertainment quality never gets old that golf trips hereabouts never stop with the first. Just as this course grows better and more beautiful overtime, so does every game here. It always grows better and better and better. Thankfully, the hotel and the rest of the course offer the best accommodations and even incomparably great services.


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