Doral Resort – Red Course

Red in the Red Course at Doral is not red as in fierce, hot and feisty. On the contrary. Red on this golf vacation favorite is love bubbles. This Miami course, despite lacking the domineering and daunting grit its siblings have, is one of the most lovable courses in the famed Doral Resort.

The Red Course could easily be likened to everyone’s favorite cousin. She is not the most famous in the family but rest assured, she will always, always be a delightful company and a reason why vacations are happy. This golf vacation destination is short and is probably the simplest of the courses, measuring only a short 6,146 yards from the tips, par 70, with 5 sets of tees for every golfer. What is most appreciated about this course is the fact that its holes are well balanced – sprinkled equally on the both sides of the course. And these holes are strategically guarded by any of the course’s 68 sand bunkers and water hazards. Most of them are, in fact, playing with water – 14 of the 18 holes to be exact. This golf vacation destination could not get any better, can it?

 That is until one actually plays the course, and only then will things escalate into the best golf experience yet. While this has none of the intimidation of PGA favorite Blue Monster, or the length of the Great White, the Red Course has its own paprika red kick to it. That comes in, ironically, the greens. The Bermuda greens run true and mildly undulating, albeit small in size. All the more challenging, with that much of sand and water and very little greens, shot accuracy is a definite must. That said, falling in love with golf trips here could not get any easier.


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