Hawk’s Landing Golf Club

Hawk’s Landing Golf Club has got to be one of the most interesting of golf courses in the Central Florida area. Not to mention, it is also one the most beautiful. While unlike the others that are either too “man-made”, and some are too “natural”, this golf vacation destination is that one course that perfectly balances it. It is a 50-50 share of nature, with its wide selection of native Florida vegetation of queen palms, oaks, sand pines and beautiful jasmines and azaleas among others. The other 50 of human genius, is the magnanimous Orlando World Center Marriott Resort that is at the forefront of this exquisite facility. This is one course that perfectly suits what a ‘golf vacation destination‘ exactly is.

The course sits on a 220-acre property right outside of the hotel. Surprisingly, though, when the games are on, the hotel just sits at the background, that is so easily ignored. The beautiful features and the fun play are a golfer’s best distraction here. Hawk’s Landing Golf Club features a very flat layout that is common in Florida courses, but this should never lure golfers into thinking it’s going to be an easy ride. Trees, water and bunkers have been placed on this golf vacation favorite for a reason and it is nto just the aesthetics.

At over 6,800 yards from the longest tees, par 71, with three other sets of tees, the course gives an ultimate fun but fair challenge to golfers despite the skill level. Hawk’s Landing Golf Club is beautiful and playable – golf trips can never go wrong here. It brings the kind of golf that makes it worth the trip.


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