Stonegate Golf Club – Cypress Course

The Clifton, Ezell and Clifton design trio has more than proven their worth in the craft for their works in the Central Florida area alone. For those in the know of what sort of reputation – mostly local golfers and those who frequent the area for golf trips – this design group has in this region, they know what to expect: the unexpected. Their golf courses bear a striking quality made from the perfect and unparalleled mesh of nature and nurture that only results from joint human genius. And a perfect example for that is Stonegate Golf Club’s Cypress Course.

Measuring close to 6,800 yards from the tips, the Cypress Course has four sets of tees to delight golfers of all skill levels. It was so well made for a wide variety of handicaps that it is a fair challenge for the lesser skilled players, and is a real challenge for the really skilled ones. This golf vacation destination was made to follow the natural contours of the land, but is accentuated by wide fairways and large bunkers. That won’t feel too claustrophobic for golfers – although the healthy share of trees and other natural vegetation in the course would in one way or another prove to be a little annoying.

On top of that, water plays on a majority of holes on the Cypress Course – fourteen in total. The greens are fast but well guarded. If that is a little too daunting for a golf vacation, the scenery will be more than enough a consolation. Clifton, Ezell and Clifton proved yet again on this creation just how much they know the Central Florida, and how it would look best as a golf facility.


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