Ridgewood Lakes Golf and Country Club

When in Orlando in search of a golf vacation destination with a fun and enjoyable layout, multiple sets of tees, beautiful surroundings, and a great value for money, golfers know that Ridgewood Lakes Golf and Country Club always tops the list. The golf course knows just exactly what to give and how much of it to give its patrons. No wonder this is on the list of many golfers that they do not hesitate to recommend to friends and family.

Ridgewood Lakes Golf and Country Club is the Ted McAnlis creation in Davenport, Fl that perfectly epitomizes the essence of Florida golfing – fun, unforgettable, and has lots of sand and water. In this case, large and sparkling white sand bunkers and water hazards playing on each one of its 18 holes accentuate the perfectly maintained greens and wide fairways. This gives the course enough grit and teeth to make every round here challenging. But it is generally playable from any one of the four sets of tees, the longest being 7,016 yards long, par 72. This makes it an ultimate favorite for golf trips among the ladies, the seniors, and pretty much everyone else.

The golf vacation favorite, though, did not stop with an excellent layout to make this course stand out. Ridgewood Lakes Golf and Country Club has an even more beautiful practice and driving range; a most perfect warm up to go with the game. The search for the best golfing experience in Orlando starts from everywhere, but will always end here.


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