Shingle Creek Golf Club

Most, if not all golf courses carry with them a “time” theme to their designs. Others are plain “new-age”, some are “classic”. But very rarely does the golfing world see a golf course that carries the grandeur of both the time yonder and today’s innovations. It is like seeing a time warp all at the same time and place. One such course is Orlando’s Shingle Creek Golf Club. The golf vacation destination carries with it a long and rich history embedded in its natural features, accentuated by the genius of a new-age designer.

Mark Harman designed this 18-hole, 7,213-yard, par-72 golf vacation favorite. The Shingle Creek Golf Club is named after the creek of the same name, which is a part of the headwaters of the scenic Everglades of Florida. Golfers are to expect quite a lot of waterholes on this course. Along with the waters, the sandy banks of this course also play a part in defining the challenge set by this course. And all that beauty is set against a backdrop and earth of pristine natural goodness. Unmoved, untouched, and maintained to always be at its prime all year round. These features of the course combine to create a stunning, mystical and unforgettably beautiful spectacle that is bound to make one forget Disney is but a short drive away.

To make matters even better than it already is, the course has five sets of tees to choose from. That is a gift to golfers with no discrimination whatsoever for the players handicap. It is an enjoyable, fairly challenging course from any tee. The Shingle Creek Golf Club is that rare golf course that brings the good ol’ days of golfing into any golf trips, without it feeling outdated at all.


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