Harmony Golf Preserve

The things that are hardest to find are the most valuable. That’s why the rarest gems are the priciest. The Harmony Golf Preserve in Florida is a rare one. What is so special about this golf vacation destination, and what is most loved is the fact that it has as much solitude as there is accessibility. Where else does one see a course that is actually part of a housing community with no houses in sight? And that is not because no one wants to live there! This had just been so well planned that perfect balance was created.

Well, not surprisingly though. The Harmony Golf Preserve is the handiwork of renowned golfing personality, Johnny Miller. This is his only one in Florida, thus, the additional merits on rarity. It is a golfer’s haven sitting on an 11,000 acre property that’s bordered by thick forests of towering southern pines and broad meadows. Not only do there features create a picture-perfect aspect to the course, it has also made a part in creating a real challenge for golfers of all skill levels. And like icing to cake, making things even more delicious around here, there are two large, sparkling lakes that make its way into several holes. The course is built wrapped in natural wetlands, thus the harmony between nature and human genius. The result is, without a doubt, superb. And golf trips here are never shortchanged.

The Harmony Golf Preserve measures a whooping 7,428 yards from the longest tees, par 72, with several sets of tees to satisfy all golfers of all skill levels. And downtown Orlando is just a stone’s throw away. A golf vacation here will turn out to be one of the most unforgettable for anyone. And most valuable.


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