Providence Golf Club

Not a few golfers seek solace in the arms of Mother Nature when they head out on their golf vacations. Most, if not all, look for courses that have as much of nature without necessarily having to go into the woods or on a ten-hour drive outside the city. In Orlando, for example, finding a peaceful, decent, and beautiful course within close range may seem impossible. But it’s not entirely impossible. The Providence Golf Club is the answer.

This 18-hole, par 72 Mike Dasher creation is a mere 15-minute drive from the themed resorts of Orlando, but there is not a trace of the bustling city anywhere. There are, only healthy servings of natural wetlands, old-growth oaks and other forest trees, and a lot of nature’s sights and sounds that include but are not limited to gators, egrets, cranes, and otters. There’s a lot of golf here, too, and very few houses. The layout is a combination of European, some parkland, and some more Florida. Water plays on 13 of the 18 holes, and there are about 35 native sand bunkers on course that creates that generally fair play on whichever tee set it is being played on. And to complete the golf vacation package, the Providence Golf Club has made sure the service quality matches that of the layout and scenery.

Here, the staff and pros have both the right amounts of warmth and expertise to perfect the service. That brings the best of everything any golfer would desire for in a golf trip. As for the Providence Golf Club, it enjoys the best of both worlds: great golf course basking in nature’s glory and divine peace as well as the best of Orlando’s tourist favorites without one getting ahead of or over the other’s line.


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