Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club

It would actually be hard to define how to exactly feel when playing the Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club. It feels like Florida and Scotland and somewhere else in that little piece of golf heaven in Orlando. There is nothing like this anywhere else in Central Florida, and that alone is reason enough to actually pack that golf bag and head on a golf trip hereabouts. Breaking them down in details will leave golfers scrambling off already.

 The Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club, ladies and gentlemen, is a rare mountain course. The 270 feet elevation will tell this part of the story. And since there are a lot of sand on this golf vacation destination, naturally, designer Terrill LaGree created bunkers and a links style layout. He made sure too that there are no parallel fairways on course, thereby giving golfers true solitude while going at their game. The only thing, perhaps, that is more Scottish than this is a kilt. And at over 7000 yards from the longest tees, with five sets of tees to choose from, par 72, there is something to marvel at in this place.

On top of all its marvelous layout features, the course is surrounded with so much beauty it is heartwarming. And so close to other fun amenities, but without jeopardizing quality and almost holy seclusion that a game of golf promises its dear patrons. The Sanctuary Ridge Golf Club is located in Clermont, the heart of Florida where everything else fun about the Sunshine State is in close proximity making it perfect in general for all family getaways, not just golf vacations. Something as good as this should never be enclosed in a piece of reading material; it calls for revving up the engine and heading to this little piece of golf paradise.


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