Grand Cypress Golf Course – East, South North Nines

The Grand Cypress Golf Course’s excellent set of nines East, South and North, are probably the best value for money anyone can get out of their Orlando golf trips. There is just so much to do on so little a course, and its three 18-hole options feels as if there is more to it. From the scenery to the features, there is so much to take in and so much to enjoy at these nines, each of them bringing a flavor and attitude distinct from the others.

Just like the Grand Cypress New Course, these nines are also Jack Nicklaus creations. The South and North, the older of the three, all share the same characteristics of having large mounds, terraced fairways, shaped bunkers, and generous landing areas. The newer East course is more forgiving and more generous, which, when played with either the South of the North nines, would perfectly contrast the tightness of the latter. These courses which, apparently, vary in length according to nine-on-nine combo, does not mind the length or strength of a golfer’s shot. What matters most in playing the East. South and North nines are the shot making skills and its foremost requisite is ACCURACY. But generally speaking, the foremost of foremost in the list of admission requirements at this golf vacation destination is a golfer’s desire of a great time with a sense of adventure.

What makes golf vacations hereabouts are the ability of the East, South and North nines to bring out the adventure that golfers come to seek. And it does not hurt, too, that the course provides it in a visually appealing manner. With variety and beauty as great as this, it is every cent that is without a doubt well-spent.


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