Treetops Resort – Threetops Course

A claim as magnanimous and as ambitious as “The Best Par-Three Course in the World” would normally faze many people, especially the critical ones. But not if the one making the claim is the Threetops Course at the famed Michigan resort, Treetops. It is legitimately and truly the best par-three course in the country and the biggest golf publications will back its claim, as it already has. That, and the many, many happy golf vacations spent here over the years.

The Threetops Course is designer Rick Smith’s first design, and he has some sort of beginner’s luck. Either that, or the man just knew what good golfing is. Since it opened, it has garnered such prestigious awards from the likes of Golf Week, Golf Digest , Golf &Travel, and Golf Range Magazine. On top of that, this is the most recognizable Par-Three as the site of the famous ESPN Par-3 Shootout. So what makes this golf vacation destination a truly remarkable one? The answer is simple: FUN.

At the Threetops Course, players define their game. The tee boxes aren’t marked and so they can play according to their own preference. That is 1,400 yards of absolute freedom in golfing! 1,400 yards of undulation levels and dramatic elevation changes. All 1,400 yards of some of the best views in the Michigan golfing scene, and an absolute test of wits and wills, golf-wise. And ultimately, a most unforgettably golf trip experience. For it to say they are the No. 1 Par-3 in the world isn’t a flamboyant claim. It’s merely stating facts.


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