The Rookery Golf Club

One of the marks of a great golf vacation destination is its overall quality. A golf course must be able to take care of its guests pre-, during, and post-game. The facilities and amenities for each of these stages must come in good enough quantities so as to compliment – and not drown out – each other. The Rookery Golf Club in Milton, Delaware, though often understated, is one fine example.

This golf course, the result of the collaboration of two golf greats Pete Oakley and Chris Adkins, takes care of the pre-game needs at their natural putting and chipping areas. The game per se is made fun, exciting with the right kick of challenging thanks to the 12 water holes present in the golf course. All 6,400 plus yards of the Rookery Golf Club has an equal distribution of water in its 18 holes – a factor that boosts the challenge to an otherwise fair game. A combination of natural and man-made features make this golf vacation favorite even more challenging.

The post-game delights are well taken cared of, thanks to a very impressive grille, the Blue Heron Grille. Golfers are treated here to what could only be described as proper pampering, whether to relax or fill in oneself with some well-deserved gastronomic indulgence. Although, this post-game implement is questionable as a post-game. Others get on it head-on, even before the game starts! But that does not matter, though. That just further proves that at the Rookery Golf Club, golf trips are at its most best – every second of it!


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