Queenstown Harbor Golf Course – River Course

The unparalleled, picture-perfect beauty of the Chesapeake Bay is one thing. That of Chester River is another. But either way, there is some irresistible force in the Queenstown Harbor Golf Course that attracts as many golfers for golf vacations. But the River Course, its layout quality and the kind of game it offers is simply a different story altogether. Nonetheless, it is enough to bring even more golfers to Maryland.

Queenstown Harbor’s River Course makes up 18 of the 36-holes in the golfing resort. The other one is a smaller, less famous but equally outstanding golf course, the Lakes Course. The River Course measures 7,110 yards from the longest tees, par 72. After its most recent renovation, this golf vacation destination has morphed into a perfectly natural course. It simply wanted to seem and be as close to nature as possible, and obviously, this has been achieved. But what is most outstanding here – a standout among standouts – is its set of water features. 14 of its 18 holes has water playing in it. Combined with the many other features including naturally wind-swept dunes, plus the views, everyone is in for a sure treat.

But other than golfers having a jolly good time on the greens, this close-to-nature quality has merited the River Course an even greater recognition. This is among the 688 golf facilities IN THE WORLD that bears an Audubon International Sanctuary certification. It is an elusive, exclusive award that takes a whole world of measures to keep a golf course as eco-friendly as possible. Now that’s a story to tell. As for golf trips here, they are surely one for the books – story books!


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