The Homestead Resort – Lower Cascades

Low profile is not exactly low quality. The Lower Cascades Course of the Homestead Resort could prove that. This Robert Trent Jones Jr creation in the famed golf vacation destination in Virginia may have kept itself under the shadows of its more famous William Flynn sibling course, The Cascades, and may lack the experience of its classic counterpart Old Course, but that is not saying it isn’t quite a statement in itself. Au contraire. This golf course is actually known among the higher-skilled golfers for being challenging.

Although the Lower Cascades Course shares the same rolling, mountain terrain and dramatic elevation changes of the Cascades, this course is actually a little more open. This makes this course notoriously deceptive – appearing to be a less difficult for being challenging on many parts of the game. Golfers tend to forget the fact that this is an Robert Trent Jones creation – apart from the signature wide fairways and large greens, it also bears his penchant for risk reward play. The higher the risk, the bigger the rewards. That makes for golf trips that are anything but simple and ordinary.

Just as it is – open, wide, challenging and no doubt beautiful, the Lower Cascades Course is reaping its own merits. And many followers too. It is a beautiful cornucopia of nature’s features – including a beautiful stream that helps shape the course – and human genius that brings only the best quality golf vacations anyone could ever ask for. It may have easily been passed up for its siblings, but it is too much a loss to do so.


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