Whistler Golf Club-Palmer Course

Arnold Palmer sure knows what to look for in a location for his next best golf vacation destination. When he was to build his first Canadian golf course, he chose the picturesque resort town of Whistler, and for obvious reasons. Snow capped mountains surrounding, thick natural mountain forests, abundant native wildlife, and the best possibilities on natural terrain flow – how could any golf course architect say no?And the result couldn’t be any more perfect: Whistler Golf Club – Palmer Course.

Broad fairways, glacier-fed lakes, man-made ponds, and a wide open wilderness bordered by the thicker of nature’s parts, the Whistler Golf Club – Palmer Course course is nature at Palmer’s best. What this legendary designer had in mind was to bring traditional golfing goodness in an unconventional layout – and by unconventional, he actually meant natural. The course follows the natural contours of the land, thereby giving more attitude and drama on the course’s elevation. And Whistler being Whistler, beautiful comes as natural as the fresh air. This creates a most perfect golf vacation scenario: scenic place, great golfing, and the best anyone could ask for in a holiday break.

And the goodness does not stop there. Apart from its high quality offering, the Whistler Golf Club – Palmer Course also offers some of the best services any guest could ask for in a golf trip facility. The service is so warm and welcoming that it feels like playing right at your own golf course. The practice area and facilities, too, live up to the bar of excellence set by the layout itself.


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