Blackwolf Run – Meadow Valleys Course

The Meadow Valleys Course of the Blackwolf Run Golf Club in Wisconsin is perhaps the best image of how Mother Nature would have created a golf course herself. This is the most unfazed natural Wisconsin terrain that a golf course could have, and it so good at being good it comes naturally. And there should not be anything surprising about its being excellent; it is a Pete Dye creation. Can a golf vacation destination be any less than best if it is a Dye?

Although mostly overshadowed by its more famous sibling course, the Meadow Valleys Course has its own set of merits. This golf vacation haven winds through natural valleys and deep ravines, as well as tall-grassed meadows all playing out the role of a hazard. And all that are natural – thereby giving the most exciting, most interesting changes in elevation that no other man-made facility could ever copy. On this particular course, Dye was being kind with the opening hole being a little kind and considerate, only to be countered rather surprisingly at the back nine of mostly wooded area. And when a golfer thinks the 18th hole is his reprieve for a most heartwrenching first 17 holes, the 18th will make a perfect culmination to the round. And it is something that no one could ever forget.

This superb quality of play that the Meadow Valleys Course offers is, just as naturally, recognized. The 7,142-yard, par 72 course ranked 60th in Golf Digest’s List of America’s 100 Greatest. And its unforgettable 18th hole was ranked among the world’s Top 500 holes. Well, if that is the case, golf trips here would feel like Mother Nature prepared it herself.


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